About Us


The most convenient plant-based meat alternative for those who LOVE to eat!


NüGrub Vegan Food Mix was created to easily replace any ground meat favorites like tacos, meatballs, and burgers.   We use only certified organic ingredients and sprouted bean flours to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.  Together we can eat our way towards a more peaceful & sustainable future.



Our mission is to provide a sustainable, efficient, tasty, and affordable alternative to traditional animal based protein.  Using only the finest plant-based ingredients, we will revolutionize the way we eat and influence a more peaceful future. 



Founders Nick & Mike Mitchell grew up on the standard American diet but learned that adopting a plant-based lifestyle was the best choice for their health, the environment, and the animals that share this earth. 


Mike started working at a young age and had a career by the time he was 16 selling wholesale meats.  He was making good money but 2:30am start times made caffeine a requirement and before he knew it, he was 25 and EXHAUSTED.  His wife had just watched "Forks Over Knives" (www.forksoverknives.com) and decided she was vegan and started making suggestions about dietary changes.


He was SO not going vegan but he was open to eating more fruits because he had a sweet tooth.  Drinking water and eating strawberries before using caffeine in the morning helped him feel good & eliminated the need for caffeine at all! Excited and energized by the positive changes in his body, he kept exploring and slowly went 100% vegan over the next 9 months.  


The last thing to go was organic grass-fed meat that he would use to make tacos.  Something about that meaty texture and taco flavor always hit the spot.  He was amazed with how amazing he felt after being vegan for 3 months and realized he needed to find a different career.  


He had 12 years experience selling, warehousing, and keeping good customers happy but now he needed to figure out what was next.  He became a health coach to help others take gain control of their physical health and began selling wholesale organic vegan foods to various companies.  He became an ambassador for Hippocrates Health Institute where he learned the transformational effects of sprouted foods on the digestive & immune systems.  He also took some time to travel and explore vegan options in other cities and countries.  Chefs in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Spain, and Italy are all using sprouted chickpeas as a super digestible protein source and Mike fell in love with everything chickpea!


So many experiences and places helped influence NuGrub and our goal is always to  make vegan food options easier & more readily available.  His brother Nick used his "picky-eater" chef skills to develop the flavor & texture so even your most finicky eaters will love it!  Our products will help create a healthier & more peaceful world for humans, the environment, & the animals we share it with!